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It doesn’t take long for a vandal to smash a window, or for a thief to make off with poorly secured construction tools. Another video surveillance company might be able to respond or react within minutes, but minutes can be too long.

Our smart video surveillance monitoring solutions proactively deter criminals – but can recognize the difference between genuine threats and false positives, so the alarms don’t ring just because a neighborhood cat got too curious about an open window.

We don’t just stop malicious threats. Our remote video surveillance technology protects your business from legal liability, like curious children wandering onto your property and potentially injuring themselves. We can detect damage from severe weather or natural disasters.

Most of all, we help you sleep better at night, knowing our video surveillance monitoring  company is on the job.

How our Security Surveillance Benefits Your Business

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Why choose us

Our remote surveillance technology activates audio and visual deterrence strategies mere seconds after a trespass has been detected. No other remote video monitoring company deters crime in as little as 24 seconds. We know you can’t afford to wait and watch as incidents occur. That’s why we proactively protect your business. And whenever you have questions or concerns, our expert support team is there to help you every step of the way.

Your business can’t afford to lose assets, time, or money because of theft and vandalism. Our remote surveillance solutions prevent crime in 97% of all instances, and we view over 1 million events per day, making us the most reliable remote video surveillance company available.


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