What to expect for The End of Life for Windows XP. Hysteria or Hype? Is it truly the end of days for Windows XP. Well, not really per say. Unlike the Y2K bug, there is truly no time specified when XP will crash or become vulnerable. However, the risk will be present as Microsoft will no longer be releasing security vulnerability patches. Secondly, Manufactures are no longer required to provide driver support for new accessories (i.e printers, keyboards, mice, internal/external hardware, etc.)


Hysteria or Hype? The End of Days for Windows XPJanuary 27, 2014 Guest article by Shawn Allaway, CEO, ConverterTechnology I have been both amused and concerned about the rash of recent articles around the end (sort of) of support for Windows XP. Most of the articles are just there to stir up a little anxiety, if not for the enterprise, then at least for the users or consumers.

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